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WeReforest e.V. - our ambitions

WeReforest e.V. supports forest owners in the conversion and establishment of climate-stable, sustainable mixed forests made of locally appropriate hardwood and softwood.

  1. 1.We use earmarked donations to finance the establishment of climate-adapted, structurally rich, multi-layered and ecologically valuable commercial forests of site-appropriate tree species with a permanently high growth and utilization potential and thus a high Co2 reduction capacity.

  2. 1.By carrying out professional initial afforestation, reforestation projects on calamity areas and stand-stabilizing forest conversion measures on leased forest areas in Germany, a positive contribution is made to climate protection, the sustainable supply of the renewable raw material wood and biological species diversity.

  3. 1.WeReforest e.V. aims to offer organizers and participants of major events the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to the financing of specific CO₂-reducing forestry projects in Germany for the climate and environmental impact caused by the event, travel and participation. However, companies and private individuals who wish to support the establishment of climate-stable forests of the future by making a donation are also addressed.

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