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Expert Commission

Learn more about the dedicated minds who are part of our independent commission. These experts from the fields of economics, forestry, and environmental conservation decide which projects are supported and in what order. Our WeReforest expert commission consists of renowned members from private forests, public forests, and the scientific community. We specifically promote measures that promise ecological, qualitative, or temporal advantages compared to gradual reforestation or natural forest development.

Looking for more details? Here, you can find our Rules of Appointment and our Award Guidelines.

"I appreciate that the WeReforest e.V. organization is actively involved in the national task of reforesting the countless areas affected by calamities. Through this commitment, it becomes possible in an uncomplicated manner to support many dedicated forest owners in reforesting with the most climate-stable tree species. I willingly took on the task within the expert commission's panel to assist in the selection process of the numerous applications."

Dr. Eberhard Piest, Head of the “Gräflich von Spee'sche Forstbetriebe” (Forestry Operations)

"I am more than happy to support the WeReforest e.V. association because reforestation deserves broad societal support beyond the official processes. The reforestation of the calamity-stricken areas aims to preserve the forests and their multitude of functions, one of which is the future use of timber. Reforestation must be measured not only by the site-specific conditions but also by the risks of rapid climate change. This demands creativity and craftsmanship. Therefore, with 26 years of professional experience in my area, I am eager to contribute."

Martin Janner, Local Forest Manager in the Municipal Forest, Forester of the Year 2023, Author of the book “Der Wald der Zukunft” (“The Forest of the Future")

"We are currently witnessing how climate change is impacting our forest ecosystems with breathtaking force. In this situation, we need every good idea, and forest owners need all the help they can get. I have hope that WeReforest can provide this combination of support in selected projects."

Dr. Chris Freise, Forestry Office Director, Thuringian Forest Office Erfurt-Willrode

"Climate change has led to significant areas of forest calamities in recent years, resulting in a reconsideration of forest management and tree species selection. Particularly in the private forestry sector, this has presented many forest owners with planning and financial challenges that are difficult to resolve. WeReforest e.V. simplifies the process of obtaining funding for reforestation and forest conversion projects, which are crucial for the future."

Marco Braun, Regional Supervisor in Forestry and Sales Field Service at FriedWald GmbH.

"Not only in North Rhine-Westphalia but now throughout Germany, many forest owners have to make enormous efforts to bring their calamity areas back into forest cover in the coming years and decades. The uncomplicated support provided to forest owners by the WeReforest association in establishing site-appropriate, climate-adapted mixed forests is a great help for the future of our forests. I am more than happy to support this project."

Heidrun Buß-Schöne, Managing Director of Waldbauernverband Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. (Forestry Association of North Rhine-Westphalia e.V.)